Am I star-struck!

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Am I star-struck!

In my career, I have photographed a few stars. Do I still get star-struck? It depends on who they are and how everyone else around me behaves. Recently, I’ve photographed Sir Ian McKellen, Nicola Sturgeon, Mariella Frostrup and Princess Anne. All were a pleasure to photograph.

Sir Ian was the guest of honour at a WACL dinner. I waited with the organising committee – successful, sensible women – for him to arrive. As the arrival time got closer, the nervous energy was noticeable. I knew who he was from The Lord of the Rings, but I wasn’t overly excited. But that stuff is contagious! Sir Ian was fun and told great stories, but WACL rules dictate that I can’t reveal them.

Nicola Sturgeon is quiet in person, one would almost say shy, until you see her take to the stage and talk from her heart. She gained respect from everyone in the room, even though most were verbal about their disagreement with her politics. She won me over.

Mariella Frostrup is a favourite of mine and this was the second time I’d shot her. Her charm and beauty shone around the room. Her stories had us wanting more. She is No1 on my wishlist for my perfect dinner guest.

Princess Anne was surrounded by security, who were trying, unsuccessfully at 6 feet, 6 inches and above, to blend into the crowd. My job was to photograph Princess Anne as she walked around an Art for Youth exhibition meeting the artists and patrons. I’m glad to say it was a pleasant experience. At the end, she talked to me personally and I got a photo with her.

The main difference that I can see between you, me, the celebrities and the Royals: The Royals never look at, or acknowledge, the camera. Hence, my shot with Princess Anne looks like I’m photobombing her, which, believe me, security would never have allowed. See for yourself.

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